Support packs and in-game rewards

General Information

On the official game website, you have the opportunity to support the project Wild Terra 2 New Lands by buying additional support packs which include unique in-game rewards.

Please note that these packs don't include the base version of the game! The game can be purchased in the Steam store or on the official game website.

Some rewards are in development and will be available at a later date.


Levels and rewards

We are not providing ready-made products to affect the game's balance and economy. We just want to say thanks to the players who support us and believe in the project Wild Terra 2: New Lands!

Each support pack contains rewards that are unlocked as players purchase these packs.


Rewards activation

After purchasing the support pack you will receive an email with the key. You can activate it in the main menu of the game.


Rewards receive each character in the game regardless of the server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I deleted an email with my key or didn't receive it?

- You can contact the support of our partner Xsolla, they are responsible for sending keys. Ask for a re-send to your email with a key.

I didn't get the rewards are listed on the game website!

- Please read this article carefully. You are not paying for ready-made services or items, only for project support packages. All rewards will be added to the game when they are ready.

You can find finished rewards in your craft book (on the C key) and your inventory.
If you didn't have room in your inventory when you activated your reward key, drop off the items and re-join the game.

Can I buy packs that are not on the site, or in another way to get their rewards?

- Each support package had its timeline and own conditions for receiving it. We appreciate the players who supported the project Wild Terra 2 New Lands at different stages of the game. We don't sell any items directly, and you can't get removed rewards in any other way.

I want to know what the reward will look like before I buy it!

- The game is currently in the early access stage. Many game mechanics can be completely redesigned and changed over time to make the game even better. We carefully consider players' problems, feedback, and suggestions for improvements. All rewards are an exceptional appreciation who supported the Wild Terra 2 New Lands. That's why we can't provide exact information how it looks like in the end.

Can't transfer items from support packs!

- No, it's unique rewards for those who supported the project at the early stages.

I want to change or dispose of the title from the support pack!

- The title can be removed by opening the equipment window (key U) and clicking on the "View" button.


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