Problems with payment

We don't process payments directly, we work through our partner services.
Our official partners are Steam (the market) and Xsolla (payment processing for support packs on the official game website).

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If you have any questions related to transactions (payments), you can contact the support services:

The most common problems with payment:

  • The bank doesn't allow you to pay on-line for security reasons.

There may be several reasons: the limit on the card, the region on the site does not match the cardholder, closed access for any Internet payments in the bank, etc... In this situation, you need to contact your bank and find out the reason why the payment does not go through or try to use other payment methods (PayPal, credit card, electronic money, or other payment methods).

In the case of problems with paying for support packs, on the official game website, the most radical solution is to ask someone you know or a close friend to pay for you and give you the in-game key. In the mail, you receive a key, which you can activate in the game.

1109px-Warning.svg.png Wild Terra 2 can only be purchased from the official game website and Steam. Buying on any other sites is not only a violation of the law but can lead to the blocking of your account in the game, without the possibility of a refund.

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