How report a bug?

We have a public bug tracker with know bugs and reports.

If you haven't seen the founded bug in this table, please, report it to Discord #📝eng-bug-report or via (if you need to provide confidential info or prevent abuses of this bug).

Report example:

You can't summon your pet on "Tilde" if it was equipped after mount.

Steps to reproduce (need goat 20 level):
1. The cell for your pet in the equipment window should be empty
2. Open inventory. Then on the pet icon. Click LMB and select: "Mount".
3. The pet icon remains in the inventory.
4. Open the inventory. Click on the pet icon, select: "Equip".
5. If you will be using an action like gather a resource, you can't summon a pet on the "Tilde" button again. You will see a tip "Can't call now".
6. This bug disappears if you re-equip your pet.

Add a screenshot or video if required.

1109px-Warning.svg.png  Press [Shift+P] to open debug-window for your screenshots.


The objectivity of the information in the report depends on understanding and being able to reproduce any bug to identify the reasons why it may have occurred.

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