In-game hotkeys

Hotkeys for main actions can be found in the notes that you can access by placing a cursor on relative icons.

Unsigned hotkeys are listed here:

Game hotkeys

ALT - hold for run.

SHIFT - hold for non-target attacks in the direction of your cursor.

Numpad PLUS and MINUS - Change the view scale.

N - change/hide your titles.

J - hide interface.

G - turn on/off transparency of all objects.

H - turn on/off roof layer.

L - Low graphic mode.

B - Build.

C - Craft.

Debug hotkeys

[ - show object click areas.

] - show objects' bodies.

; - show damage areas.

' - show objects' pivot points.

/ - show tile grid.

. - show surface masks.

L - show animals path.

P - show current coordinates and technical info.

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