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Many players constantly ask the question: "Where can I find a map in the game?". Today we would like to give a detailed answer to this question, explain our position and prospects of further changes. At the moment, in the Wild Terra there is no global map in any form. That was made for reasons. We want the processes of scavenging, search, collection, as well as any PvP events, will always be interesting and unique for all players. The presence of the map turns all these actions into an automatic process, placing all players in equal conditions, regardless of their gaming experience and style of play, while navigating by the signs only known to you is a unique process where players with more experience in the game, have noticeable advantages over those who prefer to stay at home. This creates a division into those who prefer to study, travel and all the professions associated with the process of movement and those who prefer craft, construction and other occupations that do not require extensive knowledge of the surrounding world. Moreover, for PvP servers, knowledge of this surrounding world and its features (location of rivers, lakes, other features of the landscape) is of help both for those who want to survive at a meeting with "PK" for the "PK" themselves. For now we are developing a system of "markers" to facilitate the life of "new" not yet experienced players. We have already made markers to the members of the group, to the dominium, to any guild castles, to the shops of merchants, as well as we are going to add markers to the allied houses and the possibility to leave temporary markers in the world in any place of interest. Also we have plans to add skill “cartography”, which will be used for such events as treasure hunt, as well as serve the same map that many players ask for, but only for a small section of the terrain that was applied to this map.

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